Women Bicyclists of Pune

women cyclists reportIn Pune, and India as a whole, women who cycle may be viewed from a different perspective than male cyclists. Similarly, the problems and issues faced them also are likely to be different than male cyclists. To understand these differences, Priyanka Gupta, a student from the Department of Sociology in Pune University conducted a survey among women cyclists working in Pune.This survey was conducted in September 2009.

Pune's transport budget: A mixed bag

Parisar’s analysis of PMC’s budget for 2010-11 shows that it is a mixed bag with a few good ideas mixed with some apparently good ideas which may not be so, and some others that are downright bad. The capital expenditure budgeted for transport projects is huge – Rs. 909 crores – which is just under half of all the budgeted capital expenditure (Rs. 1976 cr) and a good 28% of the entire PMC budget (Rs. 3246 cr).

Parisar report on JM-FC one way scheme

Parisar is glad to publish the results of a recently conducted study on the one-way scheme implemented byParisar report on JM-FC road one-way scheme PMC (and the Pune traffic police) on Jangli Maharaj (JM) and Fergusson College (FC) roads. The report critically analyzes the decision making process behind the scheme and the impacts of the scheme. It is further supported by interviews of different kinds of road users (such as pedestrians, cyclists, bus users and motorists) and other stakeholders such as local residents and commercial establishment owners.

Pedestrian Blues

Walking on the roads in any Indian city is an unpleasant business. Dodging traffic, sidestepping puddles of water, ducking under sign boards, navigating around heaps of construction material always conveniently dumped on footpaths - a pedestrian is faced with an unending series of obstacles. Most of these are because of the sheer apathy towards a walker by the public authorities, somehow you're just not important enough to be provided a nice walkable pathway.