Pedestrian crossing facilities in Pune

pedestrian reportThis report presents the results of a survey of pedestrians using Foot Over-Bridges (FOBs) and Foot Under-Bridges (FUBs), as well as the findings of a usability analysis of these facilities in Pune. This study was triggered by the controversy surrounding the construction of the FUB at Goodluck chowk in Deccan Gymkhana area in late 2009.

The people asked showed a strong preference for at-grade crossing over using either FUBs or FOBs, provided safe at-grade crossing was available. Pedestrian counts backed up that statement: at FOBs and FUBs where at-grade crossing with calculated risk was possible, people tended to do so. A sad, but perhaps not surprising, finding was that the majority of interviewees (over 60%) said that the traffic situation in Pune had changed for the worse in the last five years. Missing safe at-grade crossings is just one example of this development.

The usability analysis of FOBs and FUBs found that many of these facilities are poorly designed, particularly for the children and the elderly. However, the surveys also showed that FUBs – if they are well designed – can be relatively more popular among pedestrians as they are more convenient and safe to use for all. But even at such subways, pedestrian preference was to cross the road at-grade if safe crossings were possible. Therefore, it is recommended that Pune Municipal Corporation should strive towards provide such safe at-grade crossings for pedestrians rather than build more FOBs, FUBs and skywalks.

Download the full report here.