Elections 2019: What the political parties state about the environment and air quality in their manifestos

Indian National Congress:
Environment and ClimateChange 

Congress promises an action agenda that will place India at the forefront of the battle against global warming and environmental protection. We recognise that air pollution is a national public health emergency and will significantly strengthen the National Clean Air Programme. Forests, wildlife, water bodies, rivers, clean air and coastal zones are precious natural resources that belong to the people and we will protect them. We will set up an independent, empowered and transparent Environment Protection Authority, redefine the role of the Forest Departments and increase our forest cover.

Media Watch, Week 1

Media Watch  #1

September 02, 2018 to September 08, 2018

When it comes to transportation in Pune, news and events abound. As a city, where the vehicle population exceeds human population, the questions of urban commute, sustainability, emissions and energy not only pose a difficult challenge but are unavoidable. 

Amid all that is currently happening with respect to urban transport, who gets heard and who gets silenced, what gets visibility and what is relegated to the background, whose concerns endure and whose cease to be news worthy? Apart from the questions of what and who, it is equally a matter of how, focusing on both 'process' and 'result'.

Parisar's Media Watch is a step towards finding an answer to these questions. As part of this initiative, news and events related to Urban Transport will be curated on a weekly basis and brought to your attention. Reports where we find something to be misreported or miscommunicated, we shall mention that too. After a period of one month, we will revisit all the weekly Media Watch and try to analyse the monthly media landscape when it comes to issues related to Urban Transport. 

Join us in this weekly journey!

'Road Safety in Maharashtra' - Workshop held in Pune

CEE and Parisar jointly organised a workshop on ‘Road Safety in Maharashtra’ on 27th June 2018, to dwell upon the issue and get to the appropriate measures to improve road safety.