Helmet compliance in Pune drops by 20% - Survey by Parisar

Parisar survey shows helmet compliance rate dropped from 66% to 46% after Police stopped on-road enforcement

A survey conducted by Parisar has revealed that only 46% two-wheeler users in the city wear a helmet. The survey was conducted on 5 days at 10 junctions scattered across the city. 712 photographs were taken and analysed. 5,498 two-wheelers were captured in the survey, which included 995 two-wheelers with a pillion. Out of these 3003 (55%) riders were observed to be wearing a helmet, while only 30 (3%) pillion riders were using a helmet.

Parisar writes to PMPML - no delays in starting improvement of PMPML services

Parisar conducted a trends analysis of PMPML from 2016-18 on various PMPML performance indicators like ridership, breakdowns, fleet size and so on. The results of the study were alarming, showing a stagnation of ridership for the three years.

Article by Parisar on how Flyovers don't solve congestion in Sakal newspaper

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PMPML ridership stagnated at 10 lakhs since 2016

The last year hasn’t been for good for PMPML, and consequently bus users have suffered. An analysis of three years of PMPML performance sheets by Parisar brings out this picture clearly, and in fact, be helpful to precisely suggest areas of improvement for PMPML.