Nowhere to Walk

Parisar did a walkability study of Pune to evaluate how friendly the city is towards pedestrians. This study was done on behalf of Clean Air Initiative - Asia (CAI) as part of their Asia-wide study of pedestrian infrastructure. The study was based on a toolkit developed by CAI. Not surprisingly, the results of the study show that there is a significant room for improvement in Pune's pedestrian facilities.

Analysis of PMC's implementation of NMT projects in the 09-10 budget

The budget of PMC has been increasing with every passing year, with the transport sector typically getting the highest allocation. However, the allocation for non-motorized transport (NMT) in the transport sector budget is often very small. Only Rs. 54 crores (7%) was allotted to NMT friendly projects out of Rs. 814 crores earmarked for capital expenditure in the transport sector in the 2009-10 budget. Parisar recently finished a study to evaluate how many of these projects were actually completed satisfactorily by PMC.

Pedestrian crossing facilities in Pune

pedestrian reportThis report presents the results of a survey of pedestrians using Foot Over-Bridges (FOBs) and Foot Under-Bridges (FUBs), as well as the findings of a usability analysis of these facilities in Pune. This study was triggered by the controversy surrounding the construction of the FUB at Goodluck chowk in Deccan Gymkhana area in late 2009.

Women Bicyclists of Pune

women cyclists reportIn Pune, and India as a whole, women who cycle may be viewed from a different perspective than male cyclists. Similarly, the problems and issues faced them also are likely to be different than male cyclists. To understand these differences, Priyanka Gupta, a student from the Department of Sociology in Pune University conducted a survey among women cyclists working in Pune.This survey was conducted in September 2009.