Women Bicyclists of Pune

women cyclists reportIn Pune, and India as a whole, women who cycle may be viewed from a different perspective than male cyclists. Similarly, the problems and issues faced them also are likely to be different than male cyclists. To understand these differences, Priyanka Gupta, a student from the Department of Sociology in Pune University conducted a survey among women cyclists working in Pune.This survey was conducted in September 2009.

This survey tries to understand the attitudes of women to cycling, the problems faced by them and what could be done better to encourage more women to cycle. Twenty women, unevenly distributed in three localities of Pune were surveyed.Factors such as age profile, education, socio-economic status and profession were taken into account This survey, though done on a small scale, gave valuable insights into the unique issues that women face as cyclists. Problems they face, in terms of attitude of motorists, their own family members and the society were explored. The efficacy and usage of cycle tracks was again gauged in this survey. The full report can be downloaded from here.