Intervention regarding one-way streets

Jangli Maharaj (JM) road and Fergusson College (FC) road are two important thorough-fares in Pune that house many important educational, commercial and recreational institutions and run approximately parallel to each other. Not surprisingly, these roads are also witness to some heavy traffic conditions. As a result, the city fathers – it is not very clear whether the idea originated at the PMC or the traffic police – proposed early in 2009 that these roads should be turned into one-way streets so that 'traffic can flow smoothly'. The proposal was to let traffic flow only in one direction from the Bal Gandharva junction to Garware bridge along JM road, from Garware bridge to the Ghole road intersection along FC road, and from the FC road intersection to the Bal Gandharva intersection along Ghole road. The thinking behind the idea was to reduce the idle-time spent by traffic on these stretches and to increase their speeds.