Parisar welcomes the adoption of a Business Plan by PMPML

The challenge will lie in its implementation.

Recently a Business Plan was adopted by the PMPML (Pune Metropolitan Transport Corporation). Parisar has played a key role in this. Back in 2013 Parisar advocated for the creation of such a plan and got the Pune Municipal Corporation to allocate Rs 2 crores for the creation of the plan with the support of the Hon’ble Rajya Sabha MP, Smt. Vandana Chavan. A consortium of UMTC and Ernst & Young was appointed to prepare the plan. Parisar had insisted on comprehensive stakeholder consultations, including public inputs, which was done to some extent.

Pune’s old core city needs a survival FIX

- Aditya Chawande (Architect Urban Designer, Project Associate at Parisar) 


The city takes birth from its core where people initially come together to give it the urban  form. In the constant pace of development of the city, natural increase in population and the  rapid expansion of the city into suburbs leading to peripheral zones and rings that are  supported by faster means of communication has turned the original core city into a neglected  area. Such transformation of the core city area has made it difficult to provide modern  standards of living befitting healthy urban development. These core areas have started facing  the dark effects of development by becoming more and more congested and may before long  lead to urban decay. Numerous issues of preservation and redevelopment is making the  situation even more difficult to respond to needs of planned growth. In spite of such crises the  core city continues to remain attractive and interesting on account of its historic quality of old  structures including houses, temples and riverside ‘Ghats’ that shows the potential to become a  unique environment that if planned wisely can connect the city with its past.

Throwback to Parisar's first brochure

Parisar was established in 1987 with concern for the urban environment. This brochure from the yester years chronicles Parisar's vision when it was founded, which still guides us in our work.

NGOs call upon opposition parties not to oppose Bicycle Plan for Pune - Large community of cyclists support Bicycle Plan and want proper implementation.

15 January 2018, Pune

Several NGOs and the larger cycling community of Pune have called upon political parties in the PMC to support the bicycle plan and ensure its proper implementation. The bicycle plan was passed by the GB on 21st December last year, but several opposition parties have raised issues regarding the manner in which the plan was passed. The NCP and Congress have also demanded a revenue share from the Public Bike Share (PBS) companies. The issue will come up again in a special GB called for this on the 18th of this month.