Parisar's reaction to the proposed GEF project

Pune plans to execute a project providing improving bicycle connectivity to the proposed BRT corridors in the city. This project is funded by the UNDP-GEF and World Bank. Parisar reviewed the project report and presented its comments to the PMC authorities. In addition, Parisar also participated in discussions with PMC along with a cycle-inclusive planning expert from I-CE, Mr. Jeroen Buis, about oversight and monitoring of the project. Broadly, while Parisar whole-heartedly supports the idea of improved bicycle connectivity to the BRT corridors, it has some concerns about the project proposal and its monitoring.

Parisar's concerns about the project ranged over many issues such as a) the lack of participation and involvement of the citizens along the corridors where the cycle routes were to be built, b) seeming lack of plans to manage and monitor the outcomes and outputs of the project, c) lack of a plan to relocate hawkers and vendors on the corridors and d) some cost aspects such as providing for extremely cheap bicycle stands and inconsistency of some numbers. These concerns were communicated to PMC via e-mail on 28th April 2009, but there has been no response from the PMC until the 5th of June. The detailed contents of the e-mail can be found here

Parisar, along with an expert from I-CE, was also involved in some meetings with PMC about this project where the issues of monitoring, identification of a control area etc. were discussed, in addition to providing suggestions for design improvements.