Parisar's reaction to the proposed metro

Pune proposes to build a metro-rail as a solution to the traffic problems of the city and a detailed project report (DPR) for the same was submitted by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation. Moreover, the DPR also asked for an increased in Floor Space Index (FSI) along the metro and BRT corridors for "corridor densification" and to raise funds for the metro!

Parisar analyzed the DPR and found that it had many problems across issues such as governance, the justification for the metro and techno-economic details. Key observations made by Parisar have been sent to the concerned authorities and Parisar hopes there would be some feedback and engagement on the issue before the project moves ahead, if it does.

The key concerns of Parisar are as follows:

  1. Serious questions about governance are raised from the hurried and non-transparent manner in which the project was attempted to be pushed through. 
  2. The justification for the metro and the chosen corridors in the proposal are very weak, since a lot of the data used to justify them are highly unconvincing and self-contradictory. 
  3. Major technical and other objections have been raised by a group of railway experts which need answers.
  4. Many civic groups have already provided many reasons why the proposed increase of FSI is unjustified,  ad-hoc and based on circular arguments. Parisar also supports these views.

A copy of the letter as sent to the authorities can be found here.