PMPML ridership stagnated at 10 lakhs since 2016

The last year hasn’t been for good for PMPML, and consequently bus users have suffered. An analysis of three years of PMPML performance sheets by Parisar brings out this picture clearly, and in fact, be helpful to precisely suggest areas of improvement for PMPML.

For this study, monthly performance datasheets from January 2016 to December 2018 of PMPML were analysed to bring out the trends in various areas such as number of buses, breakdowns, ridership and so on.

On these various counts 2018 seems to be a year of poor performance.



avg ridership


While all three years show a dip in ridership in May and October which are holidays for schools and colleges, again 2018 has been a year of low ridership in general. The ridership has been stagnated at 10 lakhs in the past three years, an alarming statistic for the city and the bus system.

actual on road

buses per lakh

The number of buses per lakh population has been ideally set at 55 in the Comprehensive Mobility Plan of Pune. As is evident, PMPML is falling woefully short of this target and in fact the trend is downward which is alarming.



While monthly breakdowns have decreased, the number of accidents has increased.


These results have been submitted to PMPML for their benefit and consideration. It has now become essential for PMPML to be data driven if it must cater to the growing needs of public transport in Pune. This could also be instrumental in the making of the business plan for PMPML, a process initiated back in 2013 .

To see the full presentation of the analysis, click here.

 The PMPML monthly statistical reports used for this analysis can be accessed here.


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