Phase 2 Workshops: Prioritising city-specific solutions for Low Carbon Mobility & Campaign Design

The Phase II workshop conducted by Parisar aimed to enhance engagement, boost participation, and elevate the discourse surrounding low carbon mobility in Maharashtra. The workshop focused on translating solutions into actionable initiatives through collaborative efforts with local civil society networks.

Activity 1: Prioritisation of Solutions:

Participants were divided into groups and tasked with prioritising solutions across categories such as walking, cycling, public transport, shared mobility, and reduction of vehicle kilometres traveled. Each participant received ten stickers representing ten votes, with instructions to allocate two stickers per category. After group deliberation, solutions receiving the highest tally of stickers were shortlisted. In a subsequent round, participants were given one sticker each to select a single solution from the top choices.

Phase II- Nagpur: May 5th, 2023

Phase II- Pune: May 26th, 2023

Phase II- Mumbai: June 23rd, 2023

Activity 2: Campaign Design and Presentation:

Participants were grouped and assigned one solution from the shortlisted options to design a campaign. Guided by facilitators, each group utilised a Campaign Checklist to define objectives, identify target audiences, and develop unique selling propositions. Groups presented their campaigns, and participants voted to select the most impactful and feasible initiatives. The two campaigns with the highest votes were chosen to be advanced by the network of civil society organisations.

Design a Campaign Activity - Click here to access the campaign design template!

At Pune

At Mumbai

At Nagpur