#AppKaraBusKara: Insights from the campaign for a bus app

In the city of Pune, it became evident that the lack of essential commuter information, particularly regarding bus routes, significantly contributes to Punekars' reliance on private vehicles. To gain deeper insights into this issue, we initiated the Bus Pravasi Series, engaging with commuters across Pune to collect their stories. Additionally, we met up with PMPML officials to advocate for a user-friendly bus app and understand the reasons behind the delay in its launch. "#AppKaraBusKara: Pune campaign calls for bus app to make commute easy!"

Three steps of our campaign:

    1. Gathering Commuter Perspectives: We started with the Bus Pravasi Series to gather valuable insights into the challenges faced by bus users from diverse demography. This data served as the foundation for our campaign strategy, highlighting the critical need for improved commuter information.
    2. On ground demands: To comprehensively grasp the challenges faced by the broader commuter community, we established booths in six strategic locations across Pune. These locations were carefully selected based on the diverse frequencies of bus services, ensuring that the varying needs of commuters were captured effectively.
    3. Engagement with PMPML: We engaged in several discussions with PMPML officials to emphasise the necessity of a swift launch of a bus app, reflecting the concerns and needs of commuters. In our interview with Sanjay Kolte, CMD of PMPML, we delved into some pressing questions about public transportation. We explored why it's crucial for people to use public transit and received exciting updates about the WTC app. Curious to hear his insights & the latest developments? Click here to know more

Click here to access and read our report to know more about it in detail.

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