SUM Net Workshop on 'Importance of Urban Transportation in Democratic Urban Transformation'

Parisar recently concluded a workshop as part of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Network, held on 26th and 27th October 2013 at Centre for Development Studies and Activities, Pune.

The workshop was an outcome of exploratory visits taken up by Parisar in different cities of South Indian States. The purpose of these visits was to meet organisations working in sectors which are affected by transportation policies in one or the other and to help establish these linkages for them. The workshop participants were representatives of these organisations, who were willing to know more about the role of sustainable transportation policies in democratic urban transformation.

The workshop promised to be a very unique experience, owing to the diversity of participants, both in terms of area of expertise as well as the different cities they came from. The participants' profile can be accessed here.

The workshop emphasized on not only sensitizing the participants about sustainable transport, but to also learn to view transportation from different perspectives. It was largely activity oriented, compelling participants to think and share their views on transport and bring to the table the expertise they already had in their respective areas of work.

We look forward to engage more with these organisations to not just increase the scope of SUM Net as a network but to reach towards the broader objective of sustainable development.

The know more about the workshop and its outcome click here.