Workshop on Public Bicycle Systems: Oct 2010

PBS Workshop MainParisar and Janwani, in collaboration with GTZ and ITDP, conducted a workshop on Public Bicycle Systems - Overview and Planning, on 12th October 2010 at the International Convention Centre, Pune

The aim was to familiarize government officials, media and potential private sector partners about this system, how to plan one successfully [poster pdf] and look at examples from various cities, especially from China [poster pdf].

Main Presenters

Sunny GTZ Nitin Warrier and Ranjit Gadgil ramesh

The event was attended by media persons, cycle store owners, a representative of TI Cycles and members of various Civil Society Organizations. Regretfully no one from the Pune Municipal Corporation attended.

Participants 1 Participants 2 

Media Coverage

Times of India - PMC wheels out public bicycle system plan

DNA - Plan, monitor for success: experts

Maharashtra Times - 

Sakal Times - Activists concerned about Public Bicycle Scheme


The city of Pune has been considering a Public Bicycle System for a while. Many cities have bicycle sharing programs, which have evolved from simple “free cycles for public use” (1st generation schemes) to sophisticated systems with hi-tech self-serve stations, real-time tracking and custom made cycles. Chinese cities have set new records in terms of the size of these systems, Hangzhou has 50,000 cycles and stations located almost every 100m, going further than the much acclaimed Paris Vélib.

During this evolution, many lessons have been learnt, in particular

  • There should be a city-wide system plan with cycle stations every 300 m or so and a phased roll-out
  • Cycle and cycle station designs should be unique and attractive so that people who might ordinarily not ride a cycle will be tempted to try it out
  • It is necessary to have detailed operational plans that include timely maintenance of cycles and provisions for redistribution of cycles

framework for pbsBut most importantly a public bicycle system must be part of a larger transport framework

Pune’s Proposed System

The Pune Municipal Corporation has called for tenders for a Public Bicycle System with the following conditions

  • 25 cycle stations
  • 300 cycles
  • Revenue from advertisement at cycle stations (100 sq ft) + advertisements on cycle
  • Membership – 5 years – for Rs 700 (Rs 200 one-time processing fee + Rs 500 refundable deposit)
  • Smart card system
  • Rental rates
 Duration   Rate (promotional, 1st year) 
First half hour Free First 2 hours free
Second half hour Rs 5
Half hourly rate Rs 10 per half hour beyond first hour Rs 10 per half hour beyond first two hours

Parisar has been advising the city officials on the planning of the scheme and has flagged the following issues

  • That there needs to be a city-wide plan
  • The need for a service level agreement to ensure good quality service (since revenue for operator will be largely from the advertisement contract)
  • The need to create a good brand image, cycle and cycle station designs and a comprehensive public outreach and marketing campaign
  • Ownership of the whole scheme by designated staff at the Pune Municipal Corporation who will help improve, expand and innovate so as to create a successful project

Members from Civil Society also stressed the need for

  • Integration of the bicycle scheme with other modes of transport, such as the Bus Rapid Transit system
  • Making sure that the city is safe for cycling – starting with improving the existing cycle tracks
  • Corporate tie-ups - for sponsorship, supporting a cycle station near their premises and promotion of the scheme amongst employees

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