Pedestrian protest: 7th Feb 2009

Parisar, along with other like-minded groups such as Lokayat, Janwani, Pune Cycle Pratishtan and Pedestrians First organized a protest march from Model Colony to University chowk and back on 7th Feb 2009 to protest against the abysmal quality of pedestrian facilities on that stretch of road in particular and Pune in general. The protest was attended by nearly 100 citizens who marched in peak hour traffic demanding the rights of pedestrians to walk and cross the road safely.

Some pictures of the protest: Pedestrian protest

Pedestrian protest


The protest was against pedestrian conditions such as these on the University road and at the University junction. Pedestrian protest before

Pedestrian condition before

Partly as a result of this protest, and partly as a result of persistent following up with the authorities by various groups including Parisar, the pedestrian crossing facilities at University chowk were improved by providing clear zebra-crossings, pedestrian refuges and pedestrian phase in the traffic signal cycle.Things are still not perfect but they are better than before.

Improved University junction

Improved University junction