Cycle Inclusive Planning in Cities: Mar 2009

Pune was host to a 3-day workshop on cycle inclusive planning in cities organized by I-CE. Parisar played an important role in helping to organize the workshop, which was held on 6th and 7th March, 2009 at Yashada, Pune. Participants from many cities in India - Nanded, Ahmedabad, Delhi and Bangalore, apart from Pune - participated in the workshop.

Cycle inclusive planning workshopCycle inclusive planning workshop



Senior officials from Pune Municipal Corporation and consultants from agencies such as IL&FS who are involved in implementing road projects also attended. Initial sessions in the workshop assessed the cycling friendliness of different cities and what the respective cities were doing to improve cycling friendliness. Subsequent sessions included some suggestions on how cities can become more cycle friendly. The initial draft of a cycle-inclusive planning handbook customized for India was also discussed in detail.

Cycle inclusive planning workshop