Presentations on Urban transport in Pune

Parisar representatives were invited to make presentations at the "National Conference on Urban Policy and Planning: A Case Perspective of Pune" organized by the Symbiosis School of Economics in February 2011. Read more to see these presentations.

Ranjit Gadgil made a presentation about pedestrian woes and non-motorized transport in the city. His presentation explained the close relationship between pedestrian facilities and livability of a city. He also talked about the troubles of a pedestrian in Pune and the importance of having street design guidelines to ensure that pedestrian infrastructure is adequate, convenient and standardized. Download his presentation here.

Ashok Sreenivas talked about urban transport in Pune. His talk demonstrated the increasing divergence between accepted principles of sustainable transport and the existing National Urban Transport Policy on the one hand, and the ground reality of Pune. He also touched upon some key reasons for why such a divergence was taking place and what was required to correct it. Download his presentation here.