The Invisible Cyclist - Booklet

This booklet is a continuation of the video vignette series - 'The Invisible Cyclist' showcasing more of those cyclists in the city who cycle everyday, irrespective of the hostile conditions they face. These cyclists come from different locations in the city, and an effort has been made to know more about their daily routine, role of the bicycle in their life, the problems they face and other personal nuances which are crucial in generating an identity for cyclists.

The National Urban Transport Policy of India, while placing great emphasis on the need to promote non-motorized modes of transport, also specifically mentions the disconnect between actual users (cyclists) and the infrastructure that is built for them and recommends greater interaction with the stakeholders so that designs actually cater to their needs.

A cycling policy should ideally include not just infrastructure, but also many other enabling mechanisms that make cycling safe, convenient and comfortable for those who actually cycle today. Unfortunately thousands of cyclists do not have a voice, and decisions are being made about cycling based on assumptions. Cyclists are reduced to a statistic, be it their shrinking numbers or those involved in accidents, without looking at the men and women themselves.

This is our attempt to give a name and a face to these unsung heroes and try to understand what they really need and use this information to change public perception about cycling, those who cycle and provide inputs to policy, processes and projects.

We also present a summary of the informal discussion sessions which allowed a sharing of experiences, perhaps the first time that anyone asked the cyclists what they felt about transport issues and what they wanted the city to provide, so that they could continue cycling safely.

The booklet can be accessed here.

This booklet is part of 'The Invisible Cyclist' project, supported by Global Greengrants Fund, and comprises of The Invisible Cyclist - video series and a Workshop on Cycling in the City to share and take forward the insights from the exercise.