PMPML Report Card 2012-13

A recent assessment of the PMPML service by Parisar, using a scoring framework that focuses on commuter-centric parameters, namely Affordability, Convenience, Comfort and Reliability shows an improvement over the last two years, with an increase in the overall score from 46 (‘C’ grade) to 56 (‘B’ grade).


The PMPML Report Card is the outcome of a comprehensive performance evaluation of PMPML. The report card was first published in 2010-11, with an aim of periodic evaluation to observe improvements and shortfalls in performance. Accordingly, Parisar has replicated the study this year.

The scores are based on data from PMPML (monthly statistical reports), Parisar’s own observations at 41 bus stops and depots and 503 buses (outside) and 103 buses (inside) as well as 799 user surveys.

The PMPML grade has improved since last time, owing to improvement in most parameters, especially in convenience and reliability. However, very high breakdown rate and cancelled kms continued to pull down scores. A 2.5% breakdown rate was observed and 26% scheduled kms were cancelled in the year 2012-13.

Cleanliness of buses scores lowest, a mere 38/100, almost similar to the last assessment. A very important observation was the loss of ridership in two years. There has been a 20% decrease in ridership since 2010-11, indicating an alarming trend of more dependence on personal vehicles.

Parisar believes that the 2-year tenure of Mr. R.N. Joshi after a period of frequent changes may have contributed to the improvement. PMPML should focus on increasing ridership for which it must prepare a strategy and action plan.

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