Film on state of pedestrian facilities in Pune

Parisar, together with Locomotives (an I-CE initiative), the Alliance for Global Education and Janwani, helped create a film to document the current state of Pune's pedestrian facilities. It aims to capture the sad state of pedestrian facilities in the city today and also interviews citizens about their views of the problem and solutions.

The film was conceptualised and shot by Susan Michet, an American student intern during her time in Pune in May 2009. The Alliance for Global Education funded Susan's stay and work in Pune, Janwani provided the office space and infrastructure, while Parisar provided the inputs regarding the content of the film. We also acknowledge Hema Gadgil's contribution of her voice-over to the film.

 Film in English

Film in Marathi

Comments on the film:
“Just how bad can walking environments get?  Answer: Very bad, as demonstrated in the excellent 9 minute video, "Where are we to walk?” from Pune in Maharashtra, India.”

- Paul Barter, National University of Singapore

“A million thanks to those who were part of making this movie.

Very well made. :)

Hope our city planner in every city of India has seen this movie."

- Srikanth Pulipaka, Pune tree watch

 "I feel this documentary should be shown not just in every theatre in Pune but in all theatre in the country. Every Metro / City / Town in the country has the same story.”

 I loved all the visuals too! Very aptly chosen. Though perhaps, given the ubiquity of terrible pedestrian spaces, it was not too difficult to find such spots. But still, the photography was excellent and not at all amateur. And getting good shots on busy roads is incredibly difficult! Very nice! I particularly liked the use of Lata Mangeshkar at the end - and I was trying to place the song/raga... And also Hema Gadgil has what I find to be the typical Marathi accent - it was much fun watching the movie. And the shots are also very well done.
Would it be possible to do a Marathi translation?"

 - Karthik Rao Cavale, Hasiru Usiru

 "An excellent short film that should be shown to all corporator’s at a general body meeting of the PMC & to the Commissioner of Police & his subordinates, the Collector of Pune & his subordinates & finally, most importantly, to college & school students at appropriate gatherings. Of course, it would be necessary to give the commentary in Marathi.

Best wishes to Janwani & Parisar!"

 - Ashok Gokhale

 "The attached video was SUPERB! Many congratulations to the team which produced it, including the photographer - Susan Michet.

I hope many viewers will access it.  Is it possible to contact NDTV - or any other channel - which has programmes showing documentaries like this occasionally?"

 - Aditi

 "Brilliantly made movie. Excellent focus on each one of the various issues affecting pedestrians and the precious spaces available to them. Kudos!
And very good script and narration.Only one critical comment: With maybe a little more effort, one could have made this film relevant for urban centres all over India. Because what you are saying is true of everywhere! It is a universal message, at least in our country."

- Krishnaraj Rao

"Video brings out the woes of pedestrians in Pune through great visuals. Recently I have been to USA and had a most wonderful experience of the way motorists respect the pedestrians. Every motorist halts at any pedestrian crossing when he observes a pedestrian wanting to cross the road. I only wonder as to when we will see that kind of behaviour in India. Both are democracies but we interpret the rights under democracy in a very selfish way. Another thing which I observed is the value of human life which is very much missing in India."

 - S. D. Limaye

"Accept my appreciation of the short film and kindly also pass my thanks and appreciation to all those who were involved in making this film. The pedestrian aspect has been beautifully covered under the picturisation and also voiced over neat and clear.

 My next reaction was...where does it go next? Is it being watched by the people who should watch? (I mean the authorities). For example, I understood from the PMC and Police authorities that the Karve road stretch between Paud Road Flyover to SNDT has been widened to accommodate the traffic coming from west side going towards Deccan, but they have NO plans to add a footpath in the same stretch. Pedestrians and cyclists in this stretch are counting their days. "

 - Ninad Patil, Save Pune Traffic Movement

"I love this film and want to feature it on World Streets. World Streets gives a lot of attention to media as a necessary tool in the fight for sustainable cities and so we want to make sure that each time we make a best effort."

- Eric Britton, World Streets

 "That is a very well made film, and I hope being shown to policy makers, if necessary by tying them to a chair!"

- Mini Sreenivasan

"Nice video, it has much more impact and information than reading many text documents and reports. Liked sound track in the end."

- Vijay Patil

"Just saw film commentary is very good and Hema's voice is clear and good."

- Sadhana Dadhich