Understanding the Metro in Pune

The Metro as the only solution to any city's transportation woes is being touted in India. Pune also, has unfortunately come under this cloud. We say unfortunate, because of the many conditions that need to be considered before such a huge decision have not been considered, and the way the Metro is being planned will leave the city in shambles. We have been consistently making our opinion heard, in the form of articles in newspapers, research papers, conducting discussions and so on. This page is a collection of all such activities, as well as resources which will be updated so that the people of the city can understand the magnitude of such a decision, and decide for themselves its utility.

Parisar's position on Pune Metro proposal

Parisar's reaction to the proposed Metro

Sakal's one-sided presentation of the Metro debate and democratic processes

Parisar's submission during the public hearing on Metro in Pune, 18th June 2010

The City and the Metro, July 2010

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