BRT - Getting People on Board

Parisar is conducting an outreach and awareness program on Bus Rapid Transit system in Pimpri Chinchwad, which involves interacting with citizens of Pimpri Chinchwad and explaining to them the concept of BRT, inviting feedback and initiating more public involvement in this project. As an effective medium of outreach, Parisar commissioned a film on BRT in India and its various facets. This film covers the concept of BRT with its implementation in three cities of India, namely Pune, Ahmedabad and Delhi. It is interspersed with interviews of experts, citizens, bureaucrats and politicians, all of whom play their own unique part in making the BRT system work.


The film tries to explores the differences between the three cities in the way they were perceived as successes or failures, wherein Pune BRT has come to be judged as a failure, Delhi BRT as being average and Ahmedabad BRT being viewed as a success. It doesn't concentrate on merely the infrastructure part of the system but on the three important factors of public awareness and involvement, media involvement and consistent political backing to make the project a success. These are observed to be the three major factors which have gone into differentiating the Ahmedabad BRT as a success. This becomes very clear through the film which brings out these differences through actual footage and interviews.