SUM Net- Street design proposal for Nehru Road in Ramgarh

A street design proposal for Nehru Road in Ramgarh Jharkhand under SUMNet Ramgarh Walkability Project. 

Nehru Road in Ramgarh Jharkhand is narrow mixed used road comes under Ramgarh Cantonment connecting two major city roads and highways thus attracting vehicular traffic of mixed type both private and commercial. Since the road is narrow and not designed, having an influx of pedestrians due to residential zone as well it is becoming unsafe for the people on foot walking and cycling. 

Nehru Road marked on Google MapsExisting land use pattern on Nehru Road

Parisar had developed a street design proposal for Nehru Road in Ramgarh Jharkhand SUMNet Ramgarh Walkability Project and the local partners have proposed it to the authorities and the stakeholders of cantonment board.

Design StrategiesBefore and After Plan for Nehru RoadProposed Junction Design and Placemaking for Girls School areaProposed Street PlanBefore view of the Nehru Road localityAfter view proposed for the Nehru Road Locality

Stakeholders engagement meetings to discuss Road Safety were held by the Ramgarh pedestrian forum through webinars where the street design proposal for Nehru Road was discussed with the stakeholders like Local Leader, Cantonment authorities, residents, etc. The proposal is much appreciated by all the stakeholders and is then submitted to Ramgarh Cantonment Board for inclusion in the upcoming development agendas. 

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