Reviving the commerce of Laxmi road in COVID-19 Pandemic

The strict lockdown that was imposed during March 2020 had hit markets across the world, including in Pune's old core city. Laxmi Road, the usually congested market street in the core city area, is a compact space that sees huge congestion of mixed traffic on regular days.This was badly hit due to its compact space constraints during the lockdown period. 

Globally cities found safer unlock solutions from the lockdowns. As the unlock process proceeded, it seemed difficult for this central core-area market street to be allowed to return to its compact, congested earlier form, in the fear of infection spread. There was a need to regulate the high pedestrian footfall here, despite there being a big space constraint. 

We proposed a tactical intervention based on the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA), Government of India Advisory on COVID-19 for Laxmi Road, that offers safety to both customers and traders. The plan serves to revive commerce on this busy street and offers a safe shopping experience for all visitors.

Challenges of COVID-19 for Local Retail markets

Safety Guidelines issued by the Government of India:

  • Market Opening Time restrictions 9am to 7pm
  • P1-P2 system for opening of markets.
  • Physical Distancing while shopping.
  • 5 Customers/ Shop limitation.
  • Sanitization of customers entering shops with thermal check and hand sanitization.

All these safety guidelines raises challenges on the market streets enabling safer shopping. 

Safety Guidelines for COVID19 by GOI

Work commenced in two phases.

Phase 1 of Design Implementation.pptx

Phase 2 of Design Implementation

To read the full proposal in detail click here.