COVID19 Safety Interventions for Shivaji Nagar PMPML Bus Stop

During the COVID19 pandemic, all the public spaces and services were largely affected by its traumatic lockdown conditions and physical distancing norms in the fear of spread of infection. In the process of unlocking there were challenges to make public spaces and its services safer at its operations with minimizing the spread of infections. We thought of designing some public spaces which are usually bound to attract congestions so that the spread of infections could be controlled.

COVID19 Challenges for recommencement of public bus services

A tactical design intervention at Shivaji Nagar for PMPML bus stops for the Safer, Simple and Smoother operations while boarding and alighting buses during COVID19 pandemic.

As Shivaji Nagar PMPML bus stops face crowding due to a lot of commuters on daily basis, it is difficult to maintain the safety norm of physical distancing thus we thought of providing safety through the simple and temporal strategic solutions.

Proposal Features for safer public bus services during COVID19

We had prepared design solution on the principals of Safer-By-Design approach which will ease out its operations and presented it to the PMPML authorities.

Proposal visuals for safer bus services