Draft Development Plan for Pune (old city limits) Published. Citizens must file Objections by 26 April 2013

Draft Development Plan – Recipe for disaster – Will Pune turn into another Mumbai?

The Draft Development Plan (DDP) has been published by the Pune Municipal Corporation. Citizens have limited time to file their Suggestions and Objections under the law.



Star Attractions of the New Plan

  • Any vacant plot in the city grabbed by the PMC
  • 4 FSI zone along the entire Metro corridor for half a kilometer on both sides – even if the Metro is never built!
  • 3 FSI for Cluster development in the city – entire blocks bulldozed for erecting new buildings
  • 4 FSI for 4-star and 5-star hotels and private hospitals
  • Open/Recreational Spaces reduced
  • River and Lakes to be paved over for more roads and housing complexes
  • Hill Tops and Hill Slopes, Green Zones to be made into SEZs, IT Parks and Amusement Parks
  • No provision for slums or Low Income Housing
  • Arbitrary and ad hoc proposals without any supporting studies or surveys

No water, garbage a mess, traffic nightmare now – what will happen with all these developments?

The law allows us to lodge our strong objections to these destructive proposals . . .

Last date for submitting letters – April 26th


We have prepared a brief note on the DDP along with a Draft letter of Suggestions/Objections in brief. We have also prepared a Draft letter of Objections for Traffic & Transportation issues only.

All these documents have been uploaded for the convenience of citizens who may wish to use this draft as it is, or to amend it suitably and file their Suggestions/Objections to the Pune Municipal Corporation before the deadline of 26th April 2013.

Sign these letters TODAY and save your city.