'Vitthal Tukaram Bhosale Chowk' (JW Marriot Junction): Junction Redesign and Improvement for Pedestrian Safety

As part of the project under Junction Redesign and Improvement for Pedestrian Safety, Parisar supported by AXA Business Services had prepared a proposal for Vitthal Tukaram Bhosale Chowk (JW Marriot Junction) and Vetal Baba Chowk of Senapati Bapat road in Pune city and proposed it to Pune Municipal Corporation in 2019. The corporation authority had approved the proposal for trial and implementation under Pan-city Junction improvement project of Pune Smart City.

Senapati Bapat road is an important arterial street of Pune city as the base of Vetal Tekdi having high commercial edge activities with public places and is major link for neighborhoods like Gokhale Nagar and Model colony, settlements of Wadarwadi. Such a vibrant street has high influx of pedestrians crossing the streets at intersections. The earlier geometry of the junction was not designed considering safety of road user and the concern of fatalities were on rise especially the pedestrians were feeling unsafe at road crossings. 

Selected Junctions on SB Road

The existing condition and geometry of the junctions were documented, analyzed the issues and the correct geometry was designed and proposed. The trial was conducted, and observations were considered to modify the geometry accordingly and the final geometry is executed on site.

Vitthal Tukaram Bhosale Chowk (JW Marriot Junction) SB Road Pune

Highlighted issues:

  • Poor junction geometry.
  •  Undisciplined traffic due to poor junction and bigger geometry.
  • Higher turning radius, makes junction highly unsafe while crossing and waiting.
  • Missing median refuge space, required to wait mid-way while crossing.
  • U-turn possible just on zebra crossing which is highly unsafe.
  • Crossing length is higher.
  • Zebra crossing ends abruptly on MV lanes.

JW Marriot Junction - Issues identifiedJW Marriot Junction - Issues identifiedJW Marriot Junction - Issues identifiedJW Marriot Junction - Issues identified


Project output:

  • Designed Junction geometry has improved safety and visibility for pedestrians as well as for other road users.
  • Improved vehicle throughput per signal due to compact junction geometry.
  • Improved geometry has reduced conflicts between pedestrians and vehicles.
  • Safer corners due to compact turning radius. 
  • Wide and visible footpaths.
  • Reduced crossing length.
  • Safer median refuge space in the dividers.
  • Unused space is reclaimed into public space.
  • More pedestrians use footpaths to walk and cross and there is change in perception of safety.
  • Visible and well-placed pedestrian crossings as kerb ramps.
  • Inclusive as differently abled compliance.

JW Marriot Junction - Existing conditionJW Marriot Junction - Movement PatternJW Marriot Junction - Proposed Geometry

The following "Before & After" photos highlight the improvements that have taken place at the junction.

JW Marriot Junction Before After 1JW Marriot Junction Before After 2JW Marriot Junction Before After 3JW Marriot Junction Before After 4JW Marriot Junction Before After 5JW Marriot Junction Before After 6JW Marriot Junction Before After 7JW Marriot Junction Before After 8JW Marriot Junction Before After 9

Teams Involved:

  • Parisar - Mr. Ranjit Gadgil, Ar. Aditya Chawande
  • PMC - Road Department EE. Mr. Dinkar Gojare, DYE Mr. Nimhan,  JE. Mr. Manohar Shinde, UD. Ar. Shweta Shirke
  • PSCDCL - CE. Mr. Godbole, EE. Mr. Suresh Borse, JE. Mr. Rushikesh.
  • Contractor - SN Jindhe