Breathless Pune Photo Exhibition held in Pune

The Pune Air Action Hub organised the Breathless Pune Photo Exhibition from 18th-22nd January 2024 at the Darpan Art Gallery, Kalachhaya Cultural Centre Pune. A carefully curated collection of photos was put up to show the different aspects of air pollution visually, with minimal text for reference. Photographs were taken by city based photographer Gayatri Juvekar, and some photos by citizens and school children were also displayed in the exhibition. The idea was to generate interest, conversation and awareness among different stakeholders about air pollution in Pune. 

The exhibition was inaugurated by MP Smt Vandana Chavan, who appreciated the medium of photos to educate and interest people on a technical issue like air pollution. She also spoke of how these photos could be used in different settings, especially in schools among other places.

Over the course of five days, different groups were invited to visit the exhibition and also engage in discussions on air pollution, its sources, impacts and solutions. School children, college students, waste pickers groups, rickshaw drivers union, other civil society organisations, citizens' groups visited the exhibition. Different events were also organised during the five days, so more people could be engaged with, like panel discussion, cycle rally, low cost monitor walks and other informative sessions. 

Find a detailed report on the activities held during the exhibition in this report. Interact with the virtual version of the photo exhibits below! Flip to explore...

The Pune Air Action Hub is a group of citizens and civil society groups working for cleaner air in the city. Parisar is part of the Pune Air Action Hub, which takes up advocacy for clean air along with engagement activities.