Pune's Air Action Plan presented by Environment Officer Mangesh Dighe

In a first, Pune's Air Action Plan was officially presented by PMC to civil society groups on 11th February, 2021 at Ambedkar Hall. Pune's Air Action Plan, made as mandated by the National Clean Air Programme,

was approved by the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board in 2020. On studying the plan, many issues were observed by civil society groups, both in structure and content and a need was felt to bring about engagement of civil society groups and experts to refine the plan. It mustbe noted here that the plan was made without any stakeholder consultation in its original form.

The plan was presented by PMC's Environment Officer Mangesh Dighe. After an initial introduction to the state of air quality in Pune, he proceeded to go item by item in the Air Action Plan. Each action item was discussed in detail, resulting in a list of definite actions to be followed up on to make the plan more effec╠étive. 


The meeting was attended by civil society organisations like Parisar, Centre for Enviroment Education, Samuchit Enviro Tech, Save Pune Traffic Movement and Hinjewadi Residents' Welfare Association. The meeting was broadcasted live on Parisar's Facebook Page.