Annual Lecture 1982: मानव निसर्ग आणि विकासनीती, माधव गाडगीळ

 madhav gadgil        


Madhav Dhananjaya Gadgil is an Indian ecologist, academic, writer, columnist and the founder of the Centre for Ecological Sciences, a research forum under the aegis of the Indian Institute of Science.

In this annual lecture, focused on Man, Nature and Development, Madhav Gadgil analyses the interpretation of development that we have accepted as a country and its implications. Development cannot be measured by production alone, even as production is a convenient measure. He observes that we are failing in many ther parameters, environment and sustainability being amongst the most critical ones. He further elaborates on the degradation of land and water resources, as well as of biodiversity and forest cover. He calls for a development policy which accommodates these resources rather than merely exploiting them for economic gains.