Natural Environment
Our Earth has a unique life supporting eco system. Air, Water and Soil enable the possibility of life but this eco system is extremely fragile and needs to to be kept intact and functioning with minimum human intervention as man goes about carrying out his developmental activity. Otherwise, the consequences will be swift and punishing.

Recognizing this, Parisar, along with other citizens’ groups was involved in several campaigns to give teeth to the Maharashtra Protection of Trees Act by challenging massive tree cutting undertaken by the Pune Municipal Corporation for road widening all over the city. Partly as a result of this, the Rules and Regulations for implementing the Tree Act got framed and the Municipal Corporation was directed to appoint citizens on the Tree Authority committee, to follow proper procedure and to consult citizens and citizens’ groups before embarking on major tree cutting operations. Over the years there is far greater awareness in society about the value of trees in urban areas and many groups are now actively involved in efforts to increase green cover and carry out tree plantation drives.