Road Safety

Urban Transport

urban transportCongestion and pollution seem to be inevitable companions of a growing city. Practically all Indian cities have chronically bad traffic conditions and air that is hardly fit to breathe. To add to this, Indian cities fare among the worst in the world in terms of their traffic safety records. Pune records more than 500 deaths every year from traffic accidents - that is well over one death every day.

Heritage Conservation

Kayani bakery Pune University








Urban areas house most of the man made structures created over centuries. While some have turned to dust with the ravages of time, many heritage structures survive and are worthy of protection  intelligent conservation and preservation.

Sustainable Agriculture

Farming in Egypt 4000 years ago

Chemical fertilizers and pesticides used in agriculture are examples of how environment damaging practices carried out for short time commercial profits always extract a heavy price from society. Green Revolution Farming with promise of bumper food harvests to "feed millions" soon gave way to excessive exploitation of irrigation, propagation of cash crops beyond the capacity of the soil and terrain and domination by big agri-businesses whose only interest in farming was maximization of profits.

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