Parisar Family


Kanchan pursued her graduation in Botany from Ramjas college, University of Delhi. She completed her post-graduation in Environment Science from Bharti Vidyapeeth Institute of Environment Education and Research, Pune. 

She joined Parisar as a project assistant, with the aim to do research and development in the area of urban mobility in 2009. From then till 2011, she worked on projects such GIS mapping of Pune's transport infrastructure which included mapping of cycle rental stores, para-transit, hawkers and vendors, land use along roads and so on.

She is now pursuing a PhD in Environmental Science at BIT Mesra.




Ranjana Menon

Ranjana completed her masters in economics from Central University of Hyderabad. She is very interested in the growth and development of Urban spaces , the notion of a 'world class city', the ideas of sustainability in urban areas, as well as the governance of these spaces. She has worked on analysing the city budgets, to understand the relation between the policies of the city and the actual allocation of resources. Ranjana also contributed in developing a framework to evaluate the quality of cycle tracks.






Abhimanyu Singh Kanwar

Abhimanyu is a Mechanical Engineer, from SRM University, Chennai, by qualification. He joined the Parisar team in June 2010 as a volunteer. He joined Parisar with the intention to gain an insight into sustainable growth of a city. Before joining Parisar he was in Chennai where he was working with a auto-component manufacturer for 2 years as a manufacturing engineer.

At Parisar he worked as a project assistant, working on projects related to non-motorized forms of commute.





Raji Satyamurthy

Raji has a Masters Degree in Computer Software from  College of Engineering, Andhra University.

She worked as an Engineer/Scientist with DRDO and thereafter in various managerial/leadership roles with major software product and services companies for over 20 years.

Joining the social sector in 2010 as a consultant to Door Step School, Pune, she divided her time between Door Step School and Parisar. At Parisar, Raji works on executing programs that support the cause of sustainable urban transport.



surendra nayak Surendra Nayak:

 Surendra Nayak has a Bachelor degree in Commerce and Diploma in Import/Export Management. He worked as a  manager in one of India’s leading hospitality groups and looked after the logistics of import/export and  warehousing prior to retirement.

 After a long innings in the corporate world, he wanted to devote some time to the social sector and joined Parisar in  May 2010. At Parisar, he looked after the office administration and accounts until 2015.

Interns at Parisar



Saga Wingård - Pedestrianization of Laxmi Road - 2011

Saga is an urban planning student from Sweden, doing her master thesis project in cooperation with Parisar. Studying at Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH) in Karlskrona, Sweden. She was in India on a Minor Field Study scholarship from SIDA, for 2.5 months, autumn 2011. Working with a planning proposal for a pedestrian street on a part of Laxmi Rd, and a concept plan for sustainable transport in the whole core city.






Maya Fe Holzhauer - Mobility Issues of the Disabled -  2011

Maya Fe is in her third year at University of Vermont where she is majoring in Environmental Studies with a concentration in Policy and Development, with a double minor in Political Science and Music.  She is studying abroad in India for the fall semester with the Alliance for Global Education and joined Parisar in October. At Parisar, Maya Fe is working to promote a pedestrian friendly, handicapped accessible city.







Kendra Dawsey - Mobility Issues of the Disabled -  2011

Kendra is a third year student at Yale University. She is majoring in Environmental Studies, with a focus on human rights and the environment. From September to November 2011, she worked to promote a pedestrian friendly, barrier free environment for those with disabilities. The work she has done includes creating and doing site surveys, legal research, and writing reports of what she has seen in the city of Pune.






Aishani Sharma - Analysis of Transport Budget of Pune - 2011

She is currently pursuing her Second Year in Bachelors Of Science (Economics) from the  Symbiosis School Of Economics(SSE) a constituent of  Symbiosis International University,Pune.Her area of interest lies in the field of Financial Economics .At Parisar,she was working on the PMC Budget Analysis Project. She also contributed to the signature campaign for supporting BRT in Pune.






Thomas Howland - GIS based Transport Network of Pune - 2011

Thomas is student of University of Wisconsin, Madison, pursuing a degree in English. He came to Pune for an internship of two months of June and July 2011. He helped collect and collate the data of an Origin-Destination survey of cyclists in Pune, which was later used in the GIS based Transport Network of Pune.






Radhika Mulay - GIS based Transport Network of Pune - 2011

Currently studying in the second year of her degree in Foundation for Liberal and Management Education (FLAME), Pune, she was interning in Parisar from

Her internship project involved field study -  conducting surveys for the  12 Para-Transit routes in the city, gaining first hand data from Drivers and Passengers, data entry and data analyzing. She also had to mark the surveyed routes on Google maps to gain a visual perspective of the routes through out the city.






Angad Deepak Gadgil

He completed his graduation as a Civil Engineer from Pune University and has been involved with a couple of projects in Parisar like the Walkability Survey, data collection and compilation for the GIS based Transport Network of Pune and the PMPML Report Card 2010-11.





aditya kuwalekar

Aditya Kuvalekar - Analysis of the proposed Metro rail system in Pune - 2009

Aditya helped with the Analysis of the proposed Metro Rail System in Pune. Currently he is pursuing a PhD in Economics at New York University.

Advisory Board

Parisar proposes to constitute an advisory board to oversee its activities and provide critical feedback to help it improve its functioning. The advisory board would have distinguished members from various civil society organizations. The board is currently under formation.


The people working on the urban transport activities in Parisar are:

sujit patwardhan

Sujit Patwardhan:

Sujit Patwardhan is a Graphic Designer and Printer by profession and a founder member and Trustee of Parisar since its inception in 1982. He has driven Parisar’s efforts to bring issues of environment centre-stage -through citizens’ campaigns, collaborative activism with other like minded organizations and advocacy efforts to highlight the need to ensure industrial and urban development does not lead to damage and destruction of the environment.

He has served on several important committees such as – Maharashtra State Environment Protection Committee, High Court Committee for overseeing building permissions granted in Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani, Mahabaleshwar Panchgani Regional Planning Board, Urban Heritage Committee of PMC (Pune Municipal Corporation), Development Plan Steering Committee for PMC etc.

Since the mid-1990s he has concentrated on advocacy for Sustainable Urban Transport Policy.



ranjit gadgil

Ranjit Gadgil:

Ranjit graduated from IIT Kanpur with a Masters in Physics before going to Cornell University for further studies. He then worked as an IT consultant for 7 years before returning to India in pursuit of something more meaningful.

He has been associated with several NGOs gaining experience in various sectors. Ranjit served as Programme Director of Janwani, an initiative of the Mahratta Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture where he launched several urban governance projects. He worked briefly with an international foundation as their transport programme officer. He was the Lead India finalist from Pune. Ranjit's current interest is non-motorized transport.





shweta vernekar

Shweta Vernekar:


She began in Parisar as an intern, and is now engaged in activities promoting awareness in various groups about the role of cycling and sustainable urban transport in the city, along with her studies. She has graduated with Psychology Majors and post graduated in Political Science from the Pune University.

Her interests include policy analysis and advocacy, focusing on non-motorised transport and public transport in cities.






Damodar Shanbhag:

 He joined Parisar in 2016, after having worked as a Stores Executive at Automotive Manufacturers Pvt Ltd, Pune for a total of 38 years, in which he also looked after Workshop Administration for 23 years. He is interested in sports and has represented the BMCC Kabaddi team in his college period. He is also actively engaged in the Ramakrishna Math activities, especially youth activities like training and workshops for the rural youth. At Parisar, he looks after administration and accounts.


Managing Committee Members

Mr Sujit Patwardhan - Chief Executive Officer, Secretary I

Mr Sadashiv Dumbre - President

Mr Shrikrishna Shankar Sane - Vice President

Mr Ravindra Bhaskar Bhagwat - Secretary II

Ms Vidya Sujit Patwardhan - Treasurer

Mr Vijay Paranjape - Member

Dr Rajendra Ravi - Member

Dr Nitya Sambamurty Ghotge - Member

Statira Wadia - Member


Also, Parisar has had some employees before who can be found on this page.Apart from these, Parisar also receives interns for specific time periods and projects throughout the year. Information about all the interns we have had so far can be found here.