Online survey of JM/FC road one way scheme

Dr. Adhiraj Joglekar conducted an online survey to collect views and experiences of users with regards to the JM-FC one way scheme. The results of the first 136 respondents of the survey between 12th and 15th September 09 are summarized below. We thank Dr. Joglekar for granting us permission to use data from his survey and publish the results on our website.

It is apparent from this survey that though the scheme has increased speeds of travel, it has compromised safety of both vehicle travellers and pedestrians and cyclists, while increasing commuting distances and making it inconvenient to bus users.

PMPML top management shuffled around again!

PMPML has once again got the short shrift. Its chairman-cum-managing-director (CMD), Mr. Nitin Khade, who had been in the post for only about seven months, has been transferred out to some other post. Mr. Khade was already the third CMD in the less than three year life of PMPML. This comes in the wake of its joint managing director, Mr. Karche, being transferred only a couple of weeks earlier. So, effectively, PMPML was completely without a top management for a couple of weeks. 

Delhi Metro under a cloud

The much-touted Delhi metro, run by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, has been censured by in an audit by the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India. DMRC has denied many of the charges by the CAG.

Student article on Vehicle Free Day

Sidhant Pai, a class XII student of Delhi Public School in Pune has published an article in Sakal Young Buzz, a publication for the young brought out by the Pune-based Sakal publishing group. Sidhant wrote this article while he was an intern at CEE in Pune. In his article, Sidhant proposes different activities that children can undertake in their daily lives to contribute to the cause of sustainable transportation, such as reclaiming play areas for themselves from vehicles and promoting a "walking school bus". We are, of course, glad that Parisar and its activities are also referred in Sidhant's article!

Read Sidhant's article in full at:

Parisar position on public and private transport

A frequently asked question is whether it is fair to expect people to reduce/stop using their own vehicles before public and non-motorized transport facilities improve. This question is asked by many who sincerely believe that the number of private motor vehicles on the road must be decreased.

Here is Parisar's position on the issue. This position is a little subtle - so read carefully!

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