PMPML top management shuffled around again!

PMPML has once again got the short shrift. Its chairman-cum-managing-director (CMD), Mr. Nitin Khade, who had been in the post for only about seven months, has been transferred out to some other post. Mr. Khade was already the third CMD in the less than three year life of PMPML. This comes in the wake of its joint managing director, Mr. Karche, being transferred only a couple of weeks earlier. So, effectively, PMPML was completely without a top management for a couple of weeks. 

For an organization that is struggling to provide any kind of quality public transport service, PMPML could have done without this double blow. News items regarding the transfers can be found here and here. Not surprisingly, civic organizations (including Parisar), protested about such arbitrary transfers while all leaders and administrators pay lip service to improving public transport. Read about them here and here.

Recently, it has been reported that Mr. Satish Kulkarni has been appointed as the joint managing director, while Mr. Shirish Karle, who was the chief of the erstwhile PMT for a year, has taken over as CMD. It is anybody's guess as to how long these gentlemen will take to settle into their jobs and how effective they would be in turning around this moribund organization.