Workshop on ‘Air Pollution: Is the National Clean Air Programme (NCAP) an adequate response to the crisis?’ held in Pune

Parisar, along with LIFE co-organised a Workshop on ‘Air Pollution: Is the NCAP an adequate response to the crisis?’ to highlight and critique the National Clean Air Programme (NCAP) in Pune on the 14th of May 2018. The objective of the workshop was to highlight the action points of the NCAP and to come out with a joint submission to the MoEF before the 17th of May 2018. The programme has exhibited several gaps and is slipshod on several fronts. Several consultations were organized by various groups working on the issue, including The Legal Initiative for Forests and Environment (LIFE) all across the country. 

The Death and Life of Great Metro Cities

With around 600 kms of Metro line projects under construction in 12 cities and over 500 km projects under consideration, it is of utmost significance and urgency to point out the highly unsustainable ways in which the so-called sustainable Metro projects are being implemented. Why should metro rail be established at the cost of other modes, especially the non-motorized modes of cycling and walking, and then profess the idea of multi-modal integration? Why are cities continually investing and compromising towards one grand idea as the sole solution to traffic problem rather than small constructive ideas weaved together? And can any futuristic planning be so bereft of and violent to a city’s past and present?


In the last one month, three major roads of Pune- Karve Road, Old Canal Road and Law College Road - underwent a significant change. A change considered both ‘planned’ and ‘necessary’. A change brought about at full tilt and yet reported surreptitiously. A change radical in its consequences but normalized and objectified in its implementation.

Parisar congratulates Savitribai Phule Pune University on their decision to ban private motorised vehicles in their campus

The University announced a ban on private motorised vehicles in their 411 acre campus, allowing only battery operated vehicles and bicycles within the campus. The decision announced by Shri W N Gade, Vice Chancellor of the university has been motivated by the wish to make the campus vehicle pollution free. 

Taming Streets: Design, Deliberation and Delivery in Indian Cities


Parisar, in collaboration with Centre for Environment Education and Curtin University Sustainability Policy Institute (Western Perth, Australia) has been a part of a sustained initiative for designing streets in a democratic, participative way in Pune. The film documents this process of designing streets through deliberation in Dattawadi are a of Pune, along with a similar such exercise in Bangalore.



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