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Home Activities Interventions Parisar position on Pune's metro proposal

Parisar position on Pune's metro proposal

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Pune's proposal for a metro has been in the news lately as various citizen's groups have raised questions and voiced objections about the way there has been an attempt to push the proposal through without a public debate. A broad-based citizens' coalition called Pune Metro Jagruti Abhiyan (PMJA) has been formed that is leading the campaign against the currently proposed metro.While Parisar agrees with all the questions raised by PMJA, it believes there are more fundamental questions that remain unanswered.

In particular, it does not feel that a case has been made for a metro in Pune city as, to the best of its knowledge, there does not exist any comprehensive study that suggests that a metro is a necessity for the city. Parisar expressed these views in a letter addressed to the Secretary, Urban Transport in the Government of Maharashtra, Mr. T. C. Benjamin. A copy of the letter can be found here.


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